Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've been MIA....

I do not know where the time took off too. I have been one busy person though. I had even found some time to do a few creative projects, get them photographed but never got back to my blog. I’m sure the thing must be feeling neglected by now.

While the basement water damage was cleaned up months ago, the unpacking and reorganizing continues onward. I have now gotten to the point where I can even get into a few boxes which never had a chance to get unpacked since moving here. Let me tell you it is like Christmas morning when I come across items I have not seen in years! These are things that were put away in boxes prior to selling the other house; you know the stuff that realtors claim you can no longer have in your house because they will distract the buyers. I say – “Buyers get an imagination, my stuff will not be in this house once you buy it! I promise.” And if I should ever have to sell this house I now live in I will post that on my front door before they even enter the house, this way they will be reminded my stuff will not be there when they are given the key. It is maddening that buyers today cannot see past another person’s stuff, are people’s visions becoming so narrow that they no longer can imagine what can be? Okay I digressed here and got on one of my soap boxes – back to today – unpacking and organizing.

Soon spring will be here I am assured of this and can imagine it though snow is expected tomorrow, I am already planning flowers, and yard clean up, rock placements and a set of stairs to be added around one side of the house. It will be another very busy summer and a short one at that – really - yes short, summers here only last at most four months, last year it was three months and then wham near zero temperatures, killed many of my potted plants before I had a chance to get them under cover and wrapped in straw.

Thanks for stopping by – I still imagine I will get the time to make something of this blog and post many artsy projects. Promise – just be patient.