Friday, April 18, 2014

Sweet little Love Bug and Friends With Flair

Ah I remember The Love Bug movie with the sweet lovable car character named Herbie. I just ordered the set of these movies for my grand kids.  Volkswagen Beetle, so small like a bug yet my parents manged three children in that back seat.  It was a time when not only did people travel with a lot less stuff but of coarse no seat belts were there either so we pretty much sat however we needed to be which included using the area buy the back window.  Yikes, it certainly wasn't safe.

While the Beetle is a cute car, maybe for one person, two at the most for driving in a small town where distance is not a factor I could not zip around in and out of traffic in one of those today.  Maybe it would be fun and easy to get around in, and through parking lots, still I need the metal around me today, the arm space on the sides and breathing room for all my stuff as well as me.  Then there is the car seats for the grand kids, four of them now sitting there in the car ready for use at a moments notice.  No time for sweet little love bug cars in my life today.  Nope, I want the big gas sucking room for all car to zip about in and travel long distance in.

May this card bring back some love bug memories of yours from a time when life really was more simple and innocent although a time of chance was taking place.

Peace Out

Close up shows the glitter on the bumper and lights of the car.  I added glossy accents over the back window area which really made the window appear more glass like.

Stamps by Unity Stamp Co

 This sweet little robin sat on a branch directly outside the window of my studio where the computer is.  It sat there for a long time, twisting it's head around listening for bugs to eat.  I thought for sure if I try and take a picture is will quickly fly away but it didn't.  I love watching the birds and hearing their sounds of music when I am outside.  How much I miss living where it is summer or nearly so all year round, if for no other reason 
then to hear the music of the birds everyday.

May your day be blessed with the sights and sounds of God's creation.