Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Week

I had hoped to get some card pictures up however my husband bought me a new computer and everything and I mean everything is different on the Windows 7 and Microsoft Office.   To start with it took five days just to get a good internet connection. First I was told I needed a new router, the old one was a G (whatever that means) and that I would now need a N since there was no new drivers to use the G with the new Windows.   So off to the closest office store to buy the N router and adapter for the desktop computer, hooked everything up and I could barely get an internet connection, we are talking as slow as dial up, twiddle your thumbs and hope the page will eventually load up.    But the older computer did a pretty fast internet connection and I was told the N router would do as good or better.   Who were they kidding?   After many hours with tech support I finally called the store where I bought the router and finally got a hold of someone who knew something, and it saved me money too.      Turns out I did not need a new router but only a new adapter which would work with the G router, and sure enough I now have a pretty fast internet speed considering I getting internet from a tower several miles away and then wireless once the cable comes into the router.

It has taken another day plus to get Outlook up and running, several tries to figure out where to put the old Outlook files so they are now in the new Outlook.      But for the most part I am now running along smoothly in the new Windows but I do miss the simplicity that XP had.     I guess Microsoft thought they were making it easier, but who did they ask - computer geeks to begin with?     Not sure I like the new Word or Outlook, though there are some cool features and perhaps once I know it better and can find my way around it I will come to like it better than the older version.    I still have a few programs to get loaded in one is Corel Paint Shop and Photo Album, hoping all that will go smoothly.

I am hoping now to get the new pictures up this week, since Thanksgiving for us this year will be a quiet affair
of just me and my husband.

May God Ceator of Heaven and Earth bring Blessings to each of  you.


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