Thursday, March 10, 2011

Will Time Ever Allow

There was once a time when I took pride in being this woman who could multi-task and finish all the projects, plus having everything neat, tidy and organized within the sphere I lived in. I don't know where that girl went because these days I am anything but neat, tidy and organized as you can see the disorganization of my studio in my long ago last post. And frankly I want that girl back!

I think I have added to many things to that "to do list" and there are not enough hours in the day, let alone the energy to do it all and get it finished. With the internet it has brought me a multitude of things I want to read about. Google Earth has me traveling the globe looking at earth features I would not have seen otherwise. The other day I took a trip, by internet of course, to the possible place where Moses led the Israelites across the Sea and then on to the mountain where God YHVH gave us his laws for worshiping Him and living with our fellow man/woman. The terrain is so barren and rugged, there is no way anything could have survived for very long out there without the provisions that God YHVH provided.

In my art, stamping world I have some cards for sale at a little shop in Ponderay, Idaho called Earth Rhythms. It is a little store where one can buy needed items as well as yummy takeout food. They also have in house seating where you can crab a quick bite to eat. I don’t have eight cards there at a time and go in about once a week and either add to them or change them out with something different. If I display any more than eight at a time some cards would be hidden behind others, however I will probably do that in the future.

Below are some recent projects: Enjoy and have a day filled with blessings and love.

Images by Stampin' UP! This is the first note pad holder I've made. The clasp is cut using Tim Holtz grunge paper and then inked. The grunge paper won't tear or fall apart with multiple openings and closing.

The image of the butterfly is embedded in embossing powder while still molden hot.

Images by Stampin' Up! and Inkadinkadoo.

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  1. These are beautiful, Deborah! I really love the last one with the pull-out and sleeve. I don't think it matters if your studio is messy as long as you're having fun!